Bielefelder Chickens


Photo from Greenfire Farms


Our Bielefelder flock is from Coastline Poultry in North Carolina, and their bloodline is from Greenfire Farms.


The Bielefelder is a relatively new breed, developed in Bielefeld Germany in the early 1970's by Gerd Roth. His desire to create the "uber chicken" resulted in the Bielefelders - a breed that is hardy, large, and known for it's excellent dual purpose abilities. The hens of this variety are impressive layers of nice large eggs, they are gentle and make friendly and inquisitive pets. Roosters tend to be about ten plus pounds and are very impressive birds themselves. These beautiful birds are considered to be cuckoo red partridge or "Kennfarbig" in German, making it possible to sex these chicks at day old based on their color pattern. Outside of Germany, the Bielefelder is very rare and we are lucky to be able to obtain and raise these gorgeous birds.

Fertile hatching eggs and young chicks - inquire about availability.